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affection is dumb and gross 
drown me in it

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Do not resist events that move you out of your comfort zone, especially when your comfort zone was not all that comfortable.

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That love and domination can coexist is one of the most powerful lies the patriarchy tells us.


sorry white people but if you dont support mike brown & the people of fergusons’ protests in 2014 you probably wouldnt have supported abolition in the 1800s or civil rights movements in the 1960s & having the ability to recognize something as morally justified in hindsight something that has already been accepted by the mainstream as morally justified is nice for u but on all practical levels useless to everyone else 

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im all for women adoring themselves but im not all for turning being attractive into the focus of feminism that’s what we’re trying to move away from

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*most/all white people

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Some white people are so privileged, they expect sympathy for their guilt.


Ferguson Mayor James Knowles is making no friends at tonight’s Town Hall. Part 2

[part 1]

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tries to do things: becomes overridden with anxiety

doesn’t do things: becomes overridden with anxiety

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